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Danses enseignées - Danses enseignées


Obvious / Texas stomp / Two more bottles of wine / Texas time ez / Love ain't / Easy dance / 6345789/ Hooked on country / Coffee days and whiskey nights / Party gras / I'm still fishing / We're good to go / Whisful thinking


Pocket of heart / Roll with it / Light up the sky / Looking up/ Hillbilly girl/ Fillin' my cup / John Henry / Nice and easy / Dumb / Wannabes / Bam Bam / I'm on my way / Sun goes down / Over again / Through your eyes


Corn / Rock and roll found me / Life's highway / Same boat / Take me home :/ Honky tonk floor / Drink drank drunk / Enjoy the night / Midland cha : Nickajack / Sweet Ireland / Two to 2 step / Two ways


1.2 Many / Water down the whiskey / Pick her up/ Riser / Waves of love / Love girls / More : Bobbi with an I/ Nobody's / Honky tonk way / LMN saloon


1.2 Many / Good taste of women(révision) / Crazy what a song can do / City of music / Faithful Soul / D and D / Days of gold / For Neige / Get up & smile / Honky tonk way / Don't break the heart


Danses de l'an dernier


What makes you country, Road house rock, Crackin' cold ones, It's so easy, Celtic stomp, Walk right back, Radio song, Texas time EZ, Knocking boots, Over the moon, These old boots, Nothing but you Yeah you, When you smile, Hey ho clap clap clap, Ten guitars, I love this life


T Brand new man, Marching home, Fine, Don't get better than that, Bound for glory, Touch of heaven, Bonaparte's retreat, Lost without cha, Good old days ez, Total pleasure, Light up the sky, Colder, Stay home


Cherry bomb, Playboys, Loving tonight, Gone west, The newfie stomp, Endless, Codigo two, Sweet feeling, Floor it, Holiday time, Candy slide, For Robbie, She's gonne run, Pocket of hearts, Sweet Erika,Life is a rodeo


That's country, Cowboys don't cry (révision), Single man, Honky tonk time machine, lonely blues, Texas time, Words, Long live the night, Red carpet, Novocaine kiss, Roller coaster, Hot mama P, American made


Old friends in America, Nothing but you (révision),   Miss our days, Tender (révision),  Bad fiddling ,Brunch,  Favorite bands,  Running around,  Bound ta git down,  Hardy, Girl crush, Small town summer, Morning sun, Wintergreen, We are one

Date de création : 08/02/2015 @ 11:12
Dernière modification : 19/05/2022 @ 17:52
Catégorie : Danses enseignées

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